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” said Shamiso, coming over to sit on the sofa next to Piri.“Why do you ask such a stupid question?If I had love, would I be drinking alone like this?But when caught, she said “no, no, no” for a very long time. Just when the guy was beginning to give up hope, she smiled and said, “yes, I love you”.

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This has changed traditional courtship.“If only a big strong man could chase me through the forests just once and I would pretend not to like him,” Piri said, wistfully.

Tete kept both tokens as proof of the promise between the boy and girl.

The affair was well-monitored by Tete on the girl’s side and by Sekuru, the uncle on the boy’s side. In those days, before independence, my sisters and cousins, including Piri, dreamt that we would grow up and a guy somewhere close by would do a marathon to get one of us.

Mbuya said her friend was secretly in love with a man whose family was known to be the poorest around.

Their granaries were always empty even at harvest time. “After one night away from home, we will say to a girl, ‘go back to where you spent last night.


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