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What this suggests is that even if we do not utter a word, our nonverbal behaviors announce to others whether we are likely to be susceptible to predatory overtures.

If we do actually do this, I would imagine it is certainly not with a conscious intent to live through the nightmare of a trauma again. ) likely possibility is that when we have experienced prolonged trauma, we naturally become habituated to being traumatized.

First, though, to be fair, I think there is a universal tendency for all of us to either repeat the patterns in our families of origin, or, to the degree that we are conscious of them, to actively propel ourselves in the opposite direction.

Consider, for instance, the line of research that demonstrates that individuals who have alcoholic parents are more to become alcoholic themselves.

Today, per a reader’s request, I will zoom in on point “c” (highlighted in bold below).

When you meet someone new and begin to have private feelings that they are your “soulmate,” in reality this may signal one of three things: a) To start on a hopeful foot, it may be the real deal…the kind of love that is invigorating, freeing and sustainable for the rest of your life.


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