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It seems the older we get, the less acceptable being single becomes.

Being single is a lot like binge drinking: It’s perfectly fine until you graduate from college, then it’s just frowned upon.

If the person is deemed unattractive by the majority, they aren’t allowed to join. Looking on the bright side, at least this keeps the shallow people together so the rest of us can take our game elsewhere.

38 - Loughborough, Leicestershire The best way to predict the future is to create it Im new to all this, here goes, I'll keep it short and sweet....

Like an alcoholic, you’re made to feel incomplete by society’s standards. It only took 10 minutes on Google to answer that question. Take it from us, it might just be better to stay single. 420Rumor has it Cheech and Chong met on this marijuana-friendly dating website and it seemed to work out well for them.

For people with foot fetishes to fanatic farmers to “furry” friends, there does appear to be a dating site for every imaginable quirk. It’s free, easy and green, just as any single stoner would have it.

Basically, members join an online world where they explore each other as personalized, mythical beings.

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This is all fine and dandy, but furries insist on going out in public.

In this community, singles actually go looking for that kind of hook-up. On this dating website, singles pay 9 for a genetic test just to join. Date My Despite the poorly chosen title, I assure you this is not a bestiality website.

Perhaps they should change their statuses to “home-wreckers” and “selfish jerks.” 8. From there, they are matched according to genetic compatibility. Don’t worry though, it’s still entertainingly weird.

If you’ve ever seen “Twilight,” you know just how sexually frustrating it is.

There’s a whole lot of staring and heavy breathing without actual sex.


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