Wildebeest and janelle dating

What influenced you guys to dream bigger and share one of the biggest dance experiences in the country with the public?

Will: A lot of time dancers and choreographers feel like getting that big artist like Beyoncé or Usher is the end all be all.

If you can make it in LA, you can make it anywhere. There are auditions that are hard and you get a bunch of no’s before you get that one yes in the industry.

Just leaving home and having to fend for myself put me in the mindset of not being afraid anymore.

It was being around somebody that was so inspiring.

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I’m just extremely grateful we get to do this at such a young age.

We make our dancers feel comfortable and happy while still learning dance. RESPECT.: What was it like for the Willdabeast You Tube channel to reach 500 million views to date and more than 1.7 million subscribers? I don’t really think too hard about it because I am always thinking about what I could do next. When I hear someone else speak on the success it is a reflecting moment.

Its so surreal because obviously its just not my dancing that earns the love, it’s the environment me and Janelle have created and its incredibly awesome.

Janelle Ginestra and Willdabeast Adams (aka the power dance duo) are back at it again with this fun number featuring Asia Monet Ray, Taylor Edgin, Taylor Thomas, Marissa Heart, and Brittanie Brant. She’s adorable and talented like crazy and rocks out with her twining head buns alongside her crew.

These strong dancers strut their stuff in a visually appealing music video of color vortexes of blues and oranges from the clothing to the blue tarp on the tennis court. Janelle Ginestra and Willdabeast Adams are some of THE hottest choreographers right now. I’m always excited to see what projects they’re working on.


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