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We are talking only a few weeks after mega star Beyoncé has spoken out about how few female music moguls there in the industry.Kate Nash, Robyn, Bjork and Little Boots are some of the women that Brown holds up to me as examples of others who have gone it alone before her – all at a similar age – as they approach 30 – which she will be in October.Ideally I would love a huge arts hub,” she confides.It is refreshing to meet a singer who is also an entrepreneur.In the future I want to sign other artists and let people grow with the label,” she says.“I left Island back in November – but we happily parted ways.

The ultimate ambition is to have a complete empire of clothes and music.

Despite showing huge academic aptitude, taking her A-Levels a year early and achieving 4 As, she turned down an offer to read law at Oxford – much to the disappointment of her education-focused parents – who run Overstone Park, a highly-regarded independent school in Northampton.

(Brilliantly Brown thinks the only thing she missed out on by skipping uni was “having a good laugh”.

And thinking about the majority of my own time, she’s probably right.) She chose to pursue her musical dreams, and after a couple of years networking in London, Brown was finally signed to big hitter Polydor.

A very miserable stint in Los Angeles followed – and despite working with the some highly-rated R& B producers, no album was ever released.


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