Who is sandra bullock dating keanu reeves is brody jenner still dating jade

He suffered dismal reviews and poor box office takings for films including ‘Sweet November’ and ‘Hardball’. Health is much more important." Keanu has backed up his convictions by donating huge sums to cancer charities - his sister Kim, is battling leukaemia.

He finally found his niche in action films, with leading roles in ‘The Matrix’ sci-fi trilogy and 2005 horror film ‘Constantine’ resurrecting his career. after raking in 15 per cent of the takings from the ‘Matrix’ trilogy - yet he insists money is not important to him. He also gave million of his fee from ‘The Matrix’ to the un-sung heroes behind the screen .. Meanwhile, Sandra has used her self-deprecating humour to full effect and chose to go down the rom-com route, with roles in ‘While You Were Sleeping’, ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘Two Weeks Notice’.

But it seems Keanu’s wandering days are over - he has bought a house and is rumoured to be marrying his girlfriend, Claire Forlani, in the Hollywood mansion next year.

Keanu is the first to admit some of his acting choices have tarnished his career.

and as fate would have it the same script also impressed a certain old co-star.

In the film, Keanu is living in 2004 while Sandra is in 2006. who have separately rented the same beautiful Lake Michigan house - find themselves falling in love across the time gap.

I met the director and he said Keanu was also interested.

It was fate." Keanu revealed it was the film’s unusual format that intrigued him.

I was looking for a love story and when I read it I was lost in the scenario.But he reveals he is not planning to stick to the winning tough-guy formula. It's stinky you get 15 -16 people in here who are sweating during the course of a 12 hour day, it's a bit of a problem," she admitted.His accident was a huge deciding factor for me." The eternal tomboy ..who has romanced Matthew Mc Conaughey and Tate Donovan - revealed marriage has allowed her to explore her feminine side.She said: "I realised I had always longed to be a girl and I finally let it emerge. I can cook one day and tomorrow go back to work." She is also looking forward to starting a family and says her life would be complete with a baby. Getting pregnant would change everything", she admitted.


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