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Six years before the Mayflower landing, in 1614 Squanto was abducted by an English adventurer, Thomas Hunt, who came to Patuxet as part of a commercial fishing and trading venture commanded by Captain John Smith.

After Smith left for England with his cargo, Hunt, who was to take his dried fish cargo to Spain, kidnapped 27 Natives, including Squanto and sailed to Spain to sell them into slavery.

) – late November 1622 o.s.), whose name was variously spelled in 17th-century documents and is commonly known as Squanto today, was one of the last of the Patuxet, a Native North American people living on the western coast of Cape Cod Bay, annihilated by an epidemic infection.

He is known for having been an early liaison between the native populations in Southern New England and the Mayflower settlers, who made their settlement at the site of Squanto's former summer village.

It also put a stop to the colony's trade for native food at a time when its own store was becoming depleted.It is therefore unlikely that it was his birth name rather than one he acquired or assumed later in life, but there is no historical evidence on this point.The name may suggest, for example, that he underwent special spiritual and military training (as a pniesesock, or otherwise), and for this reason was selected for his role as liaison with the English settlers in 1620 (see below).Or perhaps the name was selected at the time of his 1621 encounter with the English settlers either as a defense to their cultural or religious influence or because he was entering a cultural no-mans-land.Almost nothing is known of Squanto's life before his first contact with Europeans, and even when and how that first encounter took place is subject to contradictory assertions.Owing to his facility with English, Squanto played a key role in the early meetings in March 1621.


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