Who is bethenny frankel dating 2016

prompting NYPD to bust him for harassing and stalking her. READ MORE Bethenny Frankel got screwed in her divorce -- once by her ex-husband and once by her own lawyers -- so she claims in a new lawsuit.According to the lawsuit, back in 2011, Bethenny bought a…READ MORE Bethenny Frankel's ex-husband is bristling over threats by her current boyfriend to sue him for trashing her in emails, saying he's forced to interact with the BF because the guy's constantly…

“Bethenny and Dennis seem happy together and have traveled together,” a source tells Us Weekly of the couple.We haven't had any relationship in over 20 years,' she griped.The show opened with Luann de Lesseps complaining that Ramona Singer always brought her then-husband Tom D'Agostino's ex Sissy 'to parties'.Bethenny had to jump 2 fences to reach her million Soho apartment Tuesday night. READ MORE Bethenny Frankel now has a powerful weapon in her arsenal in her post-divorce war ...there's a restraining order against ex-hubby Jason Hoppy. READ MORE Jason Hoppy screamed, "I will destroy you" at Bethenny Frankel outside their daughter's school ...Jason, 46, has been charged several times with stalking in the past, once allegedly turning up at their daughter's school.'He's obsessed with her,' said Carole Radziwill. 'It is indescribable and it is inexplicable and it's like, if someone wants to talk about like a war zone in Israel, how are you going to explain that to someone? 'I'm not comparing this to actual war but in my life, you can't even imagine the torment that this has been. 'It is torture,' she later said after trying to describe her ordeal.


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