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And not every company is doing a stellar job of protecting that information or destroying it when it’s no longer needed, which makes it vulnerable.“The reason we have these headlines everyday is because clearly we’re not taking security seriously enough,” Hunt said.He runs it on a “shoestring budget” out of his own pocket, and his approach has been to keep it simple and keep it free. “Data breaches have increased dramatically since I started, both in terms of frequency of the incidents and the scale as well.” He points to a handful of reasons.To start, people have more devices connected to the Internet every year, from phones to refrigerators to teddy bears.When the Linked In data breach occurred, it was traded for five bitcoins or several thousand U. Rather it’s used in an attempt to break into other accounts, such as your bank or your email, which is often the best way to unlock an account.If you reuse passwords, you’re putting yourself at risk.As a business or developer that handles data, you should always be working to create a more trusted relationship with your users around their data.

“I kept finding the same accounts exposed over and over again, often with the same passwords, which then put the victims at further risk of their other accounts being compromised,” Hunt said.

As more of our important personal information is stored online behind password-protected accounts, news about data breaches sends us scrambling to find out if our passwords were hacked.

One of the best places to find out is Troy Hunt’s website, where anyone can input their email address to learn if it has been compromised.

“Their propensity for sharing information and their sensitivity toward their personal privacy is all very different than it is for those of us who reached adulthood before we had the Internet,” he said.

All of this adds up to more information out there from a lot more sources.


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