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Certainly one of the lowest elevation stations in the Washington Cascades, Heybrook was developed in 1925 with a platform tower, replaced by a 45' tower with L-4 cab in 1932.In 1964, the present 67' treated timber tower was built with an R-6 flat cab.The highest lookout was at 12,276 feet on Mount Adams, but it was used for only three seasons, then abandoned to the year-round ice.

While other neighboring summits were having their towers permanently removed, North Mountain's first fire observer did it the old-fashioned way: in a tent.After a botched attempt to restore the cabin onsite, winter damage necessitated removing the entire structure by helicopter for offsite restoration.There was also a shake cabin added just below in the summit in 1942 which has since been removed.The job of a lookout was to spot and report fires by telephone or radio so crews could be dispatched quickly.At the system’s peak, there were 5,000 lookouts nationwide—including 685 overlooking the extensive forests of Washington.I try to keep my fire lookout records as accurate as possible, so I would appreciate being notified if/when any more of the remaining 87 fire lookouts are no longer standing.**During aerial photography flights over the wintery North Cascades, John Scurlock and I have photographed a handful of lookouts, mostly in the Baker-Snoqualmie NF / NCNP region, and a few in the Wenatchee and Okanogan NF regions.


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