Vista product key is not validating

The Microsoft support guy I spoke to told me that I should get local computer technician who would be able to install Windows from my CD using my Product Key.Can anyone let me know what different approach technician could take to get my Windows CD to work?I have Win XP Pro installation disk with Product Key. Further, I have "Norton Ghost" Image files of all of my important partitions, so that in the event of problems, I can wipe a partition, then restore it to the way it was before the problem. Further, I have "Norton Ghost" Image documents of the greater part of my essential segments, so that in the occasion of issues, I can wipe an allotment, then restore it to the way it was before the issue.I wanted to re-install windows on my desktop but I get message that the Product Key is not valid. Noor Alam Shahzad Currently in the midst of updating XP Pro 64 bit on Dell Optiplex 740.I'm suspecting that downloads for Windows 7 may cease after the release of Windows 10, so have stocked up on updated ISO's of all available with SP1 & some updates bundled. Chances are, one will get more than what's desired.You may be able to find one at a used book store, which also carries all sorts of software (user supplies their own COA), or a store such as Goodwill/Hospice, they sell much anything of value, no questions asked.XP Pro SP2/3 (Full Edition) still goes for as much as Windows 7 Pro of the same version.

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This is the silent "scrub" tool that MS gives to all supported Windows users each month.This is also a good time to create a backup, once it's fully updated, to have a clean XP install on demand, when needed.EDIT: Speccy specs of fresh XP Pro 64 bit install below: KYQyeouix Vlfb OOl Aj TRP Cat Edited by cat1092, 18 November 2014 - AM.I was told that there is no issue with my product key but he could not help me anymore than that.I also tried to do the install without entering the the product key, got message saying that I will have to enter the key in the future but no matter if I click Yes or No it still takes me back to the product key entry screen. The other, and simple way (I just verified it), is to click Start, then Run & type "mrt.exe" (w/out the quotes) in the space.


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