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The plea halted the jury trial, which was set to begin days later. Both Ewing and Shrestha's boyfriend said Shrestha was "experimenting" and "toying" with her sexuality at the time.

Relationships go a long way, you know what I'm saying?

A former Virginia Tech student will spend 45 years in prison for killing her friend-turned-lover, who admitted she was only "experimenting" with her sexuality after the two had an intimate date night filled with wine and whipped cream.

Jessica Michelle Ewing pleaded guilty in February to killing 21-year-old biology major Samanata Shrestha in 2014.

She was disappointed when her host opened the door wearing sweatpants, she said in court.

The two tried to salvage the night despite Ewing's foul mood: Shrestha changed into a dress, and the two had a whipped cream fight to lighten the tension, Ewing said.


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