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Relatively tame photos of Jennifer Lawrence smooching her then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult reportedly fetched 0,000.

But those same tabloids can’t run images obtained through illegal hacking, and they certainly wouldn’t publish images that constitute child pornography, which some of these images do.

An underground trade in these high-profile images has been going on for years, and continues today.

This leak was likely an aberration, a clueless move from a greedy rookie that exposed a long-hidden ring built around stealing and trading private photos of high-profile women.

The leaked pictures were valuable only so long as they stayed hidden within these underground trading networks, where they could be exchanged for a few hundred dollars in bitcoin, other stolen nudes, and access to the community itself.

These invasions are all the more disturbing because they were probably happening long before the victims ever noticed.

Conversely, the more widely shared and distributed an image has become, the less valuable it is." Cubrilovic compares the marketplace to baseball cards.

When she is not poring over annual reports, Lisa can usually be found pottering about the kitchen.

There was no public market for these images, so they likely circulated in private for months or even years before accidentally breaking into public view.

And researchers say there may be a far greater number of images from other celebrities that have yet to be exposed.

This seems to have been common practice on Anon IB, the site where the celebrity nudes first came into public view, but it is a distinct phenomenon from the world of hacking and trading in high-profile images of stars, where it appears money changing hands was less common than pure barter.

"Most members of these rings are not financially motivated.


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