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----- DMD PS MORNING SHOW SCHEDULE ----- [6AM] DMD PS Sign On, First Goofy Story --- [630AM] Old Farmer's Almanac, Public Service --- [7AM] Dick Clark’s Music Calendar --- [730AM] Prime Comedy Cut --- [8AM] Daily Featured Listener Email --- [830AM] Various --- [9AM] Goofy Stories or Lost Tracks --- [930AM] Stupid News (from the Stupid News Writers in Las Vegas, NV) --- [10AM] DMD PS Sign Off ----- OTHER DAYTIME FEATURES ----- [1030AM] Your Tech Support --- [1130AM] Sixty Second Checkup --- [1PM] Old Farmer's Almanac --- [3PM] Dick Clark’s Music Calendar --- [4PM] Elwood's Blues Break with Elwood Blues --- [5PM] Live In Concert [Fridays].

----- WEEKEND PROGRAMS ----- SATURDAY ----- [6AM] The Car Show --- [7AM] Dick Clark's Rock, Roll and Remember --- [11AM] The Beatle Years with Bob Malik --- [12PM] The Bluesmobile with Elwood Blues --- [1PM] Classic Hit List with Machine Gun Kelly --- [4PM] The Classics with Steve Downes --- [6PM] Dick Clark's Rock, Roll And Remember --- [10PM] The Bluesmobile --- [11PM] The Beatle Years.

----- NIGHTTIME: ----- Then it’s time to crank out the rock and roll on the TWELVE HOUR CLASSIC ROCK BLOCK 6PM/6AM.

DM jumps back in from 6PM/8PM with more Listener Emails [6PM] and Requests, goofy stories and more.

Here is a webcam portal of best free diffusion webcams of New York City in the United States. 35 GB per day 27 GB per day.

Saw various AD buildings, had a backstage tour of Radio City Music Hall, had a pic taken with a very tall Rockette!! Saks, Tiffanys, Mad Ave, Central Park, Met Museum, loved it. (It's good to hear that the Scots are handling him better than we are right now.) Wishing you and Scotland many blessings. Anyway I like you hope that Donald Trump is not far away from leaving his office and going back to his failing businesses worldwide.

Barbara Barbara, Hello I am from the north east of Scotland and was in fact in New York back in 1970 when In was an engineer on board a British (Scottish) ship delivering SUGAR to the Pepsi Cola company, I am sure we were birthed next to the U. He perhaps should have stayed in Vegas where he belongs. I'm American and live in New York and love it, but it's really annoying to see that huge flag taking up so much space.

Listen, I know you’ve been mad at me about how much of your money I’ve been spending, so I put together a sexy black lingerie outfit and an even sexier video to tell you about my new compromise.

See, I met this really generous guy, Robby Echo, and he’s agreed to help me out with some extra cash.


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