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Ideal passwords, however, are a huge inconvenience.How can we be expected to remember 80-bit (12-character) passwords for each of our various Web accounts?If you haven't yet started using one, let me preemptively say: you're welcome.Password managers are huge headache-savers, and you'll wonder how you ever commanded the Web without one.There is a desktop program (or mobile app), which you'll use to manage your passwords.Then, there's a browser extension that automatically logs you into accounts as you browse the Web.Avoiding both types of attacks is dependent on the complexity of your password.

The logic is simple: if you recycle the same password (or a variation of it), and a hacker cracks one account, he or she will be able to access the rest of your accounts.

Many password managers like Last Pass or Dashlane also have built in password generator tools.

Microsoft offers its own online strength checker, and promises that the form is completely secure. Any time a service like Facebook or Gmail offers "two-step verification," use it.

That's where many people turn to password managers like Last Pass, Dashlane and 1Password.

In his guide to , Dennis O'Reilly suggests creating a system that both allows you to create complex passwords and remember them.


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