Updating long data type

LONG data is text data that is to be appropriately converted when moving among different systems.LONG datatype columns are used in the data dictionary to store the text of view definitions.Examples The following examples show identical ways of describing specific dates, in both UNIX timestamp and date and time string formats., and pass-through fields in analytic functions, etc.LOB columns are subject to far fewer restrictions than LONG columns.Further, LOB functionality is enhanced in every release, whereas LONG functionality has been static for several releases.The leading zero is required when you specify a single-digit timezone offset.

The following casts and conversion functions are supported in legacy SQL: In practice, legacy SQL interprets civil time values as integers, and operations on integers that you think are civil time values produce unexpected results.

When streaming a LONG or LONG RAW, all the data always moves across the network but it's not the case with LOBs and BFILEs that only move the necessary bits of data across the network.

Columns defined as LONG can store variable-length character data containing up to 2 gigabytes of information.

Up to 6 decimal places (microsecond precision) are preserved.

Date and time strings A date and time string in the format specifiers are supported.


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