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Compare Stored File, "C:\Work\Orders List_new.txt" var Stored File : String;… Name By File Name('C:\Work\Orders List.txt');// Replaces the contents of the Orders file with the contents of the Orders List_file Files.Compare (Stored File, 'C:\Work\Orders List_new.txt'); var Stored File = Files["Name By File Name"]("C:\Work\Orders List.txt");// Replaces the contents of the Orders file with the contents of the Orders List_file Files["Compare"](Stored File, "C:\Work\Orders List_new.txt"); var Stored File = Files.Everytime I launch visual studio, reload a project, change solution configuration or platform I have to sit through "Updating source files" for a minute and a half. The Files collection contains files that can be used in tests (for example, for comparison purposes).can occasionally be useful to see what your project looked like at some earlier point in its history.But in general, updating individual files to an earlier revision is not a good idea as it leaves your working copy in an inconsistent state.

Changes done by others will be merged into your files, keeping any changes you may have done to the same files.

Refer to the Last Modified column on the right to see the last time a document was updated. Check that Google has automatically updated the file by referring to the confirmation message of "All Changes Saved" located just above the document.

Click on the gray "Sort" button at the top right of the list and select "Last Modified" from the drop-down menu to sort documents by the last modified date if desired. Wait until the message changes from "Saving..." to "All Changes Saved" before closing the document.

This allows you to update your working copy to a specific revision, not only to the most recent one.

Suppose your working copy is at revision 100, but you want it to reflect the state which it had in revision 50 - then simply update to revision 50. This opens a new dialog where you can check all items you want in your working copy and uncheck all the items you don't want.


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