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The ignorance evident in The Stupid Question makes it no less offensive.

If the relationship progresses, you can offer to get tested together and be present for the test results of one another.

” I appreciate its mission “…to lower the HIV infection rate by defeating the stigma that strengthens it.” If nothing else, it has instigated a dialogue by addressing some of the misconceptions and clumsy thinking that stigmatizes people with HIV.

The environment we have created with questions like this one has implications beyond mere social awkwardness. Laws now on the books are being used against people with HIV who don’t disclose their status to sex partners – even when they engaged in safe sex, used a condom, and no transmission occurred.

And, because it is asked fairly exclusively by people who believe themselves to be HIV negative, it sets up an “Us vs. Whatever the case, if you are trying to remain negative then sex with someone you don’t know well should only include low-risk activities.

While the intent may be harmless, is does do harm to people with HIV by increasing stigma and driving a further wedge between HIV positive and negative people.

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Importantly, all the photos, videos, or messages you share via the app can be deleted on both your version of the app, and from the phone of the person you're chatting with too (as long as they didn't move fast to get a screenshot.) It's free to get started, and there's the option to pay a monthly subscription if you really love the service. The person being asked may not have tested recently. Or is lying because they’re afraid, or ashamed, or nervous, or don’t feel safe being honest because of ramifications about which you have no idea. Thus, the ignorance and danger of The Stupid Question. It is not your right to berate them for their response. I might work out at the gym later, or maybe the trash bag will break on the way outside and I will scoop up coffee grounds and put them back into the bag. But it also implies that they may raise their level of risk-taking should you answer “Yes, I am clean.” To place one’s trust in this answer, and to base your sexual behavior on it, . If he does not or you don’t like the answer, it is your right to decline having sex.Some people thought my delivery was deliberately sarcastic. While I admit my theatrical presentation could possibly be misconstrued, I do find it interesting how people project their own attitudes onto what they view, particularly when it comes to HIV status. You know, like when they get asked The Stupid Question.At any rate, check out the video, clear your mind, remember I’m actually a totally sweet guy, and see how the message strikes you. ” meanwhile, isn’t a message with value in any context. Download the app and browse through singles to see how many times you've crossed paths, and where, so at least you can see someone who conveniently lives or works near you. if you don't want your friends/family/colleagues to accidentally see a sexy selfie when they're scrolling through the vacation snaps on your i Pad.


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