Tips for nice guys on dating

The time you take on her will increase the overall experience for you both.

Men that fancy themselves good in the sack almost always change course the moment I say “that feels nice”. Women are taught to perform enjoyment for their partners and it’s not always an accurate tell.

See how she reacts as you touch her and as she touches you. Make yourself worthy; each dick is dispensable, after all. LUCY, PANSEXUAL It’s frequently assumed that the clitoris is the only money spot. For example, I’ve had the pleasure of a woman who could achieve orgasm through nipple and breast stimulation.

Kiss her neck more and spend time with each breast—not just one. Another really liked having her inner labia stimulated along with the entrance to her vaginal opening. If it’s difficult to articulate, try mutual masturbation.

Playing with a woman’s labia is incredibly sexy for some, and indirect stimulation can often be better than focused attention.

I like to lightly trace my tongue along her labia and even do the occasional delicate nibble.


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