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The South Bali region, from Kuta to Canggu and including Legian, Denpasar, Sanur and Seminyak, is a fun playground for party-goers.Each city has its own crowd: Young tourists in Kuta, regulars in Seminyak, expats in Canggu, Indonesians in Denpasar and older people in Sanur.Girls from Bandung (Sundanese) are among the most beautiful in the country but they are not as free-spirited as the ones you'll meet in Jakarta.

People tend to party in groups there so bring friends with you and book a table.

I've partied in all the major cities in Indonesia (as well as in much smaller ones!

) so I thought it could be useful to summarize everything I've learned in one article.

It reminds me a lot of the nightlife in some Thai islands (Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi).

Batam nightlife is an odd mix of drug-ridden discos, shady massage parlors and deserted hostess bars.


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