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Looks like Jared Fogle has made at least one friend in prison!

TMZ reports that the disgraced Subway spokesman, 40, has befriended a lawyer named Frank Edwin Pate, who is currently behind bars on a... Perez Hilton is not happy with Taylor Swift's team after his personal Twitter account was shut down.

However, there are six forms that are the most common.* Distributing information about another that is derogatory and untrue through posting it on a Web page, sending it to others through email or instant messaging, or posting or sending digitally altered photos of someone Repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm or are highly intimidating, or engaging in other online activities that make a person afraid for his or her safety (depending on the content of the message, it may be illegal) What are the Warning Signs of Cyber Bullying?

The warning signs of cyber bullying are similar to those for traditional bullying in terms of emotional effects; however, there are some differences.

With so many kids and grandkids, it's hard enough trying to remember the names and faces of all the immediate Duggar family members.

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As we’ve seen time and time again on My 600-lb Life, losing weight — even with weight loss surgery — is never easy, and in many cases, keeping it off can be even harder. Though Casey Anthony maintains that she doesn't know how her adorable daughter Caylee died, her parents don't seem to buy that story. During an exclusive interview with In Touch, Jersey Shore alum Ronnie Magro revealed which one of his MTV co-stars he thinks will be next to walk down the aisle —...In a new interview with Crime Watch Daily, George and Cindy... Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans revealed she's been filming a Teen Mom 2 spin-off called The Ex Files, and now Radar Online is reporting that all of her ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends,... They say women tend to date men similar to their father's, so it's no surprise that O. Simpson's daughter, Sydney Simpson, 32, is dating an ex-con!The disgraced football player's second-youngest... Look out, HGTV, Tori Roloff's got a knack for decorating!Ironically, it is their very anonymity that allows some individuals to bully at all.Common Forms of Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying can take many forms.Additional Resources Download these documents (PDFs)* for more information: Cyber Bullying: What Can Be Done to Address It This Web conference is a great opportunity to learn about this growing issue, what cyber bullying is, what impact it is having on students, and how schools can respond.


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    Quarterly reports on the child’s health and development follow after that.

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    To fill this gap, Microsoft has released Microsoft Forefront Client Security, a client/server application targeted at businesses and designed to identify and block viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits, and other malicious software at the host level for servers and workstations.

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    Here are a few tools that can help you keep your kids safe online.

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    By vaporizing graphite with lasers, the scientists created a mysterious new molecule made of pure carbon, according to the American Chemical Society.