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Professional Membership: American Polygraph Association. (top) Angela Hall has been involved in the field for approximately fifteen years.She will provide information on services and assist you in scheduling an appointment for services.Our approach is grounded in the latest research as well as legal and ethical standards.We have the ability to incorporate specialized testing instruments such as the Monarch 21 Penile Plethysmograph, The Abel Assessment of Sexual Interest, and polygraph evaluations.The service is intended for individuals that may be required to participate in a psychosexual evaluation due to legal problems or other life circumstances.

We utilize a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and evaluation.

Treatment is provided in an individual or group format as clinically indicated.

The goal of treatment is to ensure public safety, reduce the risk factors associated with recidivism, educate the client regarding the pathways of committing a sexual offense, enhancing the individuals motivation and commitment to change, challenging cognitive distortions, encouraging accountability, developing and enhancing empathy, addressing underlying factors that may contribute to offending such as mental health issues and unresolved trauma.

(top) Certified Substance Abuse Counselor on staff to provide substance abuse assessment and treatment.

Individual and group treatment programs are available.


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