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To add a twist, points will be doubled for rude/sweary words.Good news for the dirty minded and potty mouth singles amongst you.

They also had to check their work by expanding and simplifying their answer.Noticing that if the product is negative the numbers must be positive and negative, and if the sum is negative, then the absolute value of the negative number must be bigger than the positive number (that's really not how we said it though! Noticing what is special about a difference of squares.I still don't have a good feel whether they "get it", but once I look at yesterday's homework, I should have a better sense of what we need to do tomorrow.They were now each the expert on factoring their quadratic.Once everyone was ready (and I took care of the one quadratic that didn't factor - oops) they got ready. I started the timer at 1 minute which turned out to be too short - we settled on for each round, then cut back to 1 minute once they were all sure of what they were doing.Take part in the world-famous Speed Hating, have fun with Blind Hate, drink some beer and generally mess about.


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