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In June, Gordy changed the group's name to "The Supremes with Diana Ross", which was how they were billed on the marquee of Las Vegas' Flamingo Hotel.On July 1, the day after her 24th birthday, Ballard showed up inebriated during the group's third performance at the Flamingo and stuck her stomach out from her suit.Ballard responded by secluding herself in her house refusing to come outside, which worried her groupmates.

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Ballard was the founding member of the popular Motown vocal female group the Supremes.In the spring of 1964, the group released "Where Did Our Love Go", which became their first number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, paving the way for ten number-one hits recorded by Ross, Ballard and Wilson between 19.After many rehearsals with Cholly Atkins and Maurice King, the Supremes' live shows improved dramatically as well.Ballard sang on 16 top forty singles with the group, including ten number-one hits.After being removed from the Supremes in 1967, Ballard tried an unsuccessful solo career with ABC Records before she was dropped from the label at the end of the decade.According to Mary Wilson, Ballard's vocals were so loud she was made to stand 17 feet away from her microphone during recording sessions.


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