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After several false starts, Campanale took them up on their advice in 2013 during a one-month, 0,000 shoot.The original plan was to film in Ottawa, but producer Jeff Hanes connections were in Hamilton and the GTA.I want to talk about the raw, ugly truth about relationships.We can all relate—they are messy and sometimes blurry.“A lot of (people) read the script and said, ‘Nope.I can’t be seen doing this,’ so I have to commend his absolutely bravery as an actor,” Campanale says., his feature-length debut, premiering at the Ottawa International Film Festival on Oct. Did he mention the film’s dark, twisted climax almost made someone throw up during a test screening? “This is going to be a polarizing film,” he admits.“It’s a good film if everyone feels differently about it …

It centres on Jack, a self-destructive womanizer who falls for the mysterious Jasmine. No heroes to be found here – not even anti-heroes: “I personally don’t like movies that are black and white, where you have characters that are really good or bad. You may not like (these people), but there is depth and complexity to them.” was shot with hand-held cameras, often in uncontrolled environments – with minimal makeup and lighting. 17 at the New Orleans Film Festival and its European premiere will follow on Oct. In April, also took home an Ottawa Independent Video Award for Best Director – Narrative.

“His performance was incredible.” At least Charette had worked with Campanale on one of the director’s early plays back in high school, so he “knew what he was getting into.” Campanale’s company, Lesser Men Productions, is also named after a short film he produced as a teenager – another brooding tale of “bro culture” gone wrong – about teenagers “wasting their lives away” drinking and bragging about girls.

“It shows where my tastes were,” the Canterbury graduate says.

“[It needed] to be a horrifying thing,” the director explains. My hope is that, at the end of this movie, we can have decent conversations on these topics.” Campanale’s next mission is to close a distribution deal.

After that, Ottawa’s prudish may want to duck and cover if they spot the director accompanied by a camera.


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