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I would always brush the comments off, pretending they didn’t affect me but I wasn’t as resilient as I acted.It impacted my self-confidence, I started to think there was something wrong with me which resulted in me being even more awkward around girls!At parties, after a few drinks, I would try to talk to girls, I wasn’t interested in being their friends, I sadly had started to see them as an opportunity to have sex.Although I would never have forced a girl to have sex with me, there was definitely an expectation that if I bought a girl drinks and spent the evening chatting with her, it would lead to sex.Despite this, having sex with a girl from the school opposite was really what you needed to do.The goal was to find a girl who hadn’t been with any other guys you knew, who was single and attractive (enough for other guys to be impressed) and who might want to have sex with you.Anyone who had had sex, immediately gained a reputation as an alpha-male who everyone else wanted to be.If someone had slept with multiple girls that was a real triumph; others, like myself, would look on in an unhealthy mixture of awe and jealousy, resulting in our own self confidence plummeting.

After a couple years of use, you have entered a lot of data in the system and were able to generate your reports. The only problem is the new software is truly a new system and your data is not automatically migrated.

You are forced to buy the new license (at a discount if you are “valued client”) and start the process all over and migrate your own data or pay the vendor to do it for you. Simply stated: Spiramid supports you through changes in technology and we don’t charge you extra for it!

Our goal is to have clients purchase our software ONCE and simply receive upgrades that support them as technology changes.

To the point that other guys would want to hang out with me because I’d either invite girls or pick up girls on nights out.

This was not because I was fucking cool or anything, it was because I was ballsier than other guys.


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    Here we see two characters lowering their guard a bit with one another, and although it was still a chilly interchange, it provided an interesting counterpoint in such a contentious episode.