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are they really that desperate for money they would intentially not remove an appointment just to be able to charge for it?????I also called the care credit to close my account as I was not going to proceed with Aspen Dental.Thinking the Aspen exam was free - I could go elsewhere, no charge. I was so angry I decided not to have any work done there at all.I called to cancel my 2 upcoming appointments - the girl said she would take them out.The manage, kim sullivan, is full of bs and is very, very rude.These people took 00.00 up-front (Don't ever pay these people up-front) for dental work and dentures.Well, when you are in agony from those appliances digging in your mouth, the last thing you want to remember is to push some stupid button!

We also provide intensive consultations and evaluations, group therapy, and individual treatment and support and behavior support in Pittsburgh.

The day of my appointment I received an automated call confirming the appt.

I called the office and the girl I spoke with said "Yes, she said you called to cancel, but she was not taking your appointments out" WTF???

We sincerely apologize if your visit to our office was anything less.

We advise all of our patients to first call the Aspen Dental office where they were treated and, if the issue is still not resolved, to call our Patient Satisfaction Hotline at 1-866-273-8606 or email us at [email protected]


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