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The creators are ambivalent about which incarnation of Robin he's supposed to be, with Word of God stating that he represents "Robin in general" rather than a specific member of the Batclan.However, a number of Mythology Gags and several other hints point to him being Dick Grayson, the first Robin; this is explicitly revealed in the Technically the reason the Teen Titans exist in this show, Starfire is the second of the three children of the Royal Family of Tamaran.When her planet was attacked and devastated by the Gordanians, Starfire's elder sister Blackfire made a peace settlement with the invaders by giving them her younger sibling as a slave.Unfortunately for her captors, Starfire, while apparently rather naive and gentle by Tamaranian standards, was too much for them to handle, breaking loose and flying to Earth. meeting with the other future Teen Titans, who came to her defense against the Gordanians.

Fortunately, his parents were foremost experts in cybernetic enhancements, so they integrated their son with a variety of advanced robotic components in order to save his life.He's able to breathe underwater, communicate telepathically with sea creatures, and a potent aquakinetic.He initially operates as a solo hero, but later becomes a member of Titans East.Whether he is or isn't, he is the youngest, in terms of behavior, of the team, obsessed with video games and goofing off, which means he's often chewed out by Robin.A devout vegetarian: as he has just about every animal under the sun, he finds eating any kind of meat to be too similar to cannibalism for his liking.It wasn't a stable family, and Beast Boy subsequently ran away after he hit puberty.


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