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Cities like Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, etc are the places where young single people live.I hear New York City is one of the few places where single women in their 20s/30s outnumber men.Hasn't anyone watched Sex in The City Even Carrie had difficulty finding the perfect match in NYC lol.Dating is hard, and it sucks pretty much everywhere, once you are past about 25.Combine that with the stress of work (for me 13 hours/day), you are going to not be in the best dating shape. I have yet to meet a transplant who didn't bring their wife/husband along with them. Boise doesn't attract the young 20/30-something single people.Rather it attracts families who want to settle down and raise their kids somewhere safe.

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The world is different than it was even 10 years ago.

A person just cannot go to a club or lounge and expect to find someone to date.

However, in Portland, most people enjoy fooling around and having fun and serious relations are not very in-style. I think if you want to find a single woman without children, it can be done, but will take a lot of work.

You will have to frequent churches, groups and it could take years before you are accepted into the groups, where the "good" girls associate.


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