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I forgot I was supposed to speak and actually jumped when the caller beat me to it. I decided not to mention Justin Bieber to enforce the fantasy, he probably wouldn’t know who I was talking about anyway. “Well done” was the only thing I could think to say. It was at this point I realised how useful taps actually are, as he came loudly to the sound of some sensual dribbling from our old faucet friend ‘cold’. Yet strangely, it seemed all he wanted to do was chat about the sandwich he was making.We got the pleasantries out of the way, he seemed very sweet, and I reminded myself he was probably somebody’s grandfather so he couldn’t be all bad. Then, almost as soon as his spunk was fired into orbit, he hung up without a goodbye, or thanks. It’s not like I wanted a cuddle or anything, but it still stung slightly. The handbook had said you’re in no way allowed to lead the conversation into a sexual direction unless the caller does, so I was happy to listen and make yummy noises in the right places. As soon as he’d gone, I logged off, knowing I’d never ever be logging on again.I’d never done anything like this before; it was embarrassing, idiotic and completely alien to me.It already felt like I’d gone too far, but I continued as it seemed ridiculous to stop now. Once those messages were done, the only thing left was to log on for real. I thought to myself, and then switched pre-school cartoons on in an effort to make the world a nice, innocent place again.I picked up and pressed the answer button, my legs shaking so much that I had to sit down.The whisper prompt was a friendly woman’s voice, announcing the caller’s preference in a completely matter-of-fact tone: ‘Just turned 18.’ Then all of a sudden everything was live. Already my stomach was churning, but I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes tight shut, willing myself into character. ” I replied, in what I assumed was my best 18-year-old voice. I must have done something right , as the call lasted 14 minutes, the latter half of which involved him () begging me to pee so he could listen. “It’s good old ham and cheese as the base, but then I’ll be adding more ingredients to make it extra tasty.” I wondered, not without some concern, where this was leading…

During a conversation about quick money making schemes, a ‘friend’ mentioned that I’d be probably be quite good at being a sex chat line operator, and it would be easy money. ), he gave me a unique PIN number that I’d have to dial into the phone whenever I wanted to log on.A few of them accepted thinking it was me, AND HE SENT THE F###ING PHOTOS!A few of my friends and my mother immediately call me within 5 minutes saying your Facebook is going crazy, as well as texting me the pics!I was mortified." The Reddit user then described how he tried to make additional payments over the next couple of days to various names the scammer provided using Moneygram and Western Union.The scammer was threatening the victim continually through messaging, ultimately making his life miserable.The handbook explained that, as soon as I answered the phone, a whisper prompt would let me know the callers preference, based on the areas I’d recorded greetings for. Half an hour later, in a desperate attempt to just get it over and done with, I logged on.


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