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Fans can tell this is old because of how few tattoos Valo has on his body as compared to today.

Seneca County court records show a civil-protection order forbidding Scott Bloomfield, 34, from appearing within 500 feet of his wife and contacting her in any way. Bloomfield barged into her North Tecumseh Drive home and stabbed her son, Johnny Reino, 25. Reino said he threatened to shoot her son because Mr. A shootout later ensued, and one of the law enforcement officers shot Mr. Don't attack other readers personally, and keep your language decent.

28, she told Tiffin police her husband choked her during an argument. He bypassed changed locks, turned off utilities, and regularly showed up unannounced, including at night to appear threatening, she said. Bloomfield told her he had recorded her inside the home with hidden cameras, and physically abused her on many occasions.

Valo and Margera were so inseparable that fans of HIM created the Vam ship, resulting in fan art and fan fiction of the two men in friendly to homoerotic situations.

The rise of HIM and Bam Margera and his work occurred simultaneously, thus creating free promotion of one another, reducing what Valo calls “secret handshakes between managers”; it was one fan helping another fan out.

I was reading a one page article, and I was so impressed with the lousy one page, that I went right to the record store to get the album.” The legend goes that Bam picked up a copy of Razorblade Romance, the infamous pink-and-filigreed CD featuring a very Bisexual Rock God-looking Ville Valo.

Margera supposedly loved every song on the album, and bought as much HIM merchandise as he could.


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