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Do this the first thing every month, the very same day your salary gets credited to your account.

By doing this, you ensure a fixed saving amount for yourself every month and no unplanned shopping or eating out trips can get their hands on this money! Use Cash for Daily Expenses – Though plastic money is very convenient, one of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that we tend to lose track of how much we end up spending.

Think about it carefully – can you really afford to spend all that money on eating out, which by the way, is the top most expense for most households.

Do your pockets a favor, plan your meals for the week and do your grocery shopping accordingly.

I save all the loose change left from a day’s purchase in a jar and don’t touch it until and unless there’s an absolute emergency.

Even if i have to take out some money from it, I make it a point to replace it the very next day.

Save a Certain Amount Everyday – I have been practicing this for the last few months and I must say, this method works quite well.

It very correctly chronicled how the today’s youngster squander away a good portion of their monthly income on eating out and fine dining.

Little do we realize the financial toll this habit places on our savings plan.

At the end of the month, I use this money to buy one or two things that I avoided buying on impulse. First, I cut down on all my impulse purchasing during the month as I force myself to make only planned purchases and that too with the amount of money available from saving daily loose change.

Second, a lot of the impulse buying gets cut out automatically as most of times you will realize that the urge to buy many things fizzles out naturally if you wait before making the purchase.


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