Risks and rewards of online dating

We all think we know more than we do and deserve to be the rich boss now.When we don’t get our way, we quit, rather than letting people know we couldn’t reach our potential. During the downturn a tremendous number of people began writing about location independent lifestyles that allow one to break free from the 9-5 and “really doing what you want.” In actuality, we all know that what they really wanted was to have a good job and be accepted by society.

That said, perhaps early retirement isn’t a good idea for the large majority of people.

It’s because of the downturn of 2008-2010 that so many were displaced with nowhere to go. In an economy where everybody is losing money left and right, what’s the point of working some think.

Well, the economy has roared back with a vengeance and if you aren’t working, you are falling farther and farther behind. With the median lifespan hovering around 80 years old, you only have 15 years of retirement to enjoy your life if you retire at 65.

Maybe you have a medical disaster, or your house blows down.

Maybe your investments tank due to a massive economic downturn. But if you partake in “normal” early retirement, without the mega-millions windfall, you may find yourself needing more one day.


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    Some are playing the long game to get a serious boyfriend and reap the rewards that come with that later… Always meet in a public place first before going anywhere (especially to her place).