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The lady signalled, with her finger that Bernadette should come nearer. She spontaneously grabs her rosary kneels down and tries to make the sign of the cross.

But she cannot do this until The Lady who is carrying a Rosary with a large shining Crucifix has made the sign of the cross.

After a lot of persuasion Bernadette’s mother does agree with her going to the grotto which she does with the other two girls taking a bottle of Holy water with her to throw at the vision in the grotto should she see Her again.

The glide costs 50 €, and tickets are purchased on-site.Bernadet Soubirous hears the answer,"That is not necessary".She then hears The Lady ask her: "will you be good enough to come to the grotto for fifteen days? The lady makes the following promise: ernadette Soubirous is no longer afraid and feels a deep inner attraction/pull, to go to the grotto in Massabielle.Six or seven women including Bernadette’s aunt go with her.After barely three Hail Mary’s the vision reappears and it lasts for about 30 minutes.Bernadette goes into the grotto and asks The Lady: "would you please write down your name".


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