Pros and cons of dating a pothead

I want to be with him but some part of me says it should be over because there is no way he’s going to change if he’s already lied and i have zero trust in him at all. When either a guy or a girl shows resistance to their partner’s objections to their lifestyle, it shows that they haven’t dealt with issues from adolescence.When you’d rather -rebel- than continue a good relationship (assuming otherwise it IS a good relationship) it shows you’re not quite grown up.My boyfriend lied about not smoking pot for 5 months, and it really hurt me when a mutual friend let me hear in a voicemail message all the "good shit" he’s been smoking.I broke up with him instantly, and he turned it around saying that I should have helped him through it without giving him an ultimatum (me or weed).Pot is bad, trying to force change on your partner is even worse.I’ve been suspicious or my fiance smoking for a while but never had any proof.Well, after a year of being together i was getting tired of it and asked him politely to quit for me, and he said he would.Then i found out that he was still doing it because one of his friends told me and when i confronted him he said he was and i decided to stay with him.

I had been with the same guy for a very long time, and recently found out that they had been lying to me about smoking pot.It didn’t bother me because I didn’t intend on getting serious with him-then I got pregnant.He smoked through my entire pregnancy and then got caught with weed and got put on probation for 6 months.Then about 8 months after that i caught him in the act when i came home early from school and we talked about it and for some reason i can’t break up with him. I gave him one more chance and about 9 mts or so after, his friend told me he was smoking with him a couple days ago and when i confronted him he said he only had one hit.I came the closest i had ever come to breaking up with him and i even said we needed a break but here we are still together and i love him so much.He also had food from a fast food place-which is out of character for him. You don’t have to agree with everything your partner does, they are allowed to have their own life outside of you and be a part of things you may not want to be apart of.


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