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I don’t know if this is actually a big deal, I’ll bet a lot of the others use honey as well.

But it calls itself a “Tonic” – tying into the perceived benefit I drink it for (health). That’s right, this new Kombucha upstart is daring to charge or for a bottle. It didn’t taste that much different from the others.

There are lots of different brands, but the price points are usually around .50 (which means I could buy a 12-pack of Coke for the same price as one measly bottle).

But that’s OK, it’s one of my few extravagant purchases.

There was another bottle of Kombucha that didn’t even make it to this lineup.

It was a homemade brew from a friend of mine, put in a beer bottle and labeled with masking tape. It might be the best Kombucha ever, but because it’s homemade, and unprofessionally packaged, and free, I’m not in a hurry to try it out.

I’m willing to pay more to be a drinker of the finest Kombucha.

Interestingly, by paying more, I’m or post-purchase rationalization.

The branding is good but not different from the others… Just buy charging far more than the others, the company is telling me that it has the best Kombucha.I know it’s basically overpriced tea, but I’m OK with the expense, partly because I feel like I’m making a healthy choice, and partly because I’m being into the brand and what it says about me, as someone who prefers Kombucha to Coke. In Austin last month, I saw the bottle on the far right.It’s USP (unique selling proposition) is that it’s made with honey.Or see a doctor for insomnia and get a prescription?Do I have to pay out of pocket, then get reimbursed by the company? What I really want is for someone to just tell me I’m covered for everything I want; someone to walk me through it and convince me.Although I have had some success, I’m also sure things aren’t going as well as they could be going.


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