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A lot of Fire and EMS departments dispatch tone-outs and alarms as Multi-select communications (ID 7).

Therefore, if your fire department dispatch talk group is 1616, and they do dispatch tone-outs and alarms as Multi-selects, then those communications will be on talk group 1623.

Select Play Popular to narrow the playlist to the tunes that have been liked the most by other Jango users. For efficiency Jango will automatically delete stations that have not been used in a long time so make sure you keep tuning in to your favorite ones. On the right side of the player, below the music controls, you can find a set of links that can help you gather more information about the song you are listening to.

More Variety will play a wider selection and Most Variety will venture into similar genres. You will find these at the top right of the player area. Lyrics, tweets and artist bio are among the information you can see there.

The scanner however interprets these special talk group status bits as different talk groups entirely.

Below is the conversion chart for these special status bits.

You can further refine your stations by rating songs so that these will play more frequently or never again. When you view for the first time you will see our guest page (unless you reach Jango through a direct link to a tune or music station).

Motorola trunking radios directly interpret them for their special functions, thus no difference is noticed by the person with the radio.

They are divided by genre or theme and can be found in the Genre Stations area.

Browse through the hundreds of stations that are available, all subdivided by category.

Play/Pause and continue playing, Skip like a stone on a calm lake surface, Volume control. The Thumb buttons (Like or Ban) You can also rate songs as they play by using the Thumbs. Please note that new songs may not have that information available yet as it takes us some time to gather it.

Thumb Up your favorite songs so they will play more often. You can later review and edit the lists of songs you have rated by checking out the Favorite Songs and Banned Songs lists under the Settings menu. Share: You can share your station on Facebook or Twitter or just copy the link to email it to a friend or paste it on your web page. Buy: to purchase the song on i Tunes or Amazon (if they have it available).


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