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Dogs have canine teeth and goats have strong and flat teeth. Food- getting structure of animals is adapted to the food they eat. Fierce animals always have sharp and pointed teeth. Wet hands when touched to dead electric wire may electrocute d. Water will seep to the circuit that will cause electrocute c. In what part of the female reproductive organ does an embryo or unborn fetus develop? Which of these practices show proper care and hygiene for the reproductive organs? Jasper pulverized a piece of chalk and showed it to his classmates.

Into what energy is electricity transformed in the television? Yes, the switch is off hence the electricity flowed. Which statement is true about circuits connected in series? The total voltage is equal to the sum of the voltage of all batteries. There will be saturation of uric acid in the urine. Heart cannot transport food nutrients to the different parts of the body. Liquid wastes in the blood cannot be filtered and excreted from the body. What part of the urinary system stores urine temporarily in the body? Urine is distributed in the different pores of the skin. Excess water are eliminated from the stomach and out of the skin. Liquid wastes are diffused from the capillaries to the sweat glands that excrete sweat. There is a transfer of electrons from one object to the other.


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