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D’ailleurs certains pitch ont, par la suite, été réalisés et sélectionnées au festival comme, par exemple, le documentaire Tupaia qui avait été pitché et a remporté le 3e prix du jury du FIFO 2016.In 14 years of existence, the FIFO has ignited among many festival goers the desire to embark upon their own documentary production adventure.While some may result in someone having their credit card double-charged, some can result in identities being stolen, houses being robbed, or worse, death.

There are so many dating site scams out there, some of which are more common than others.

Solomon Islands has long been renowned as a football hotbed in the Pacific.

Unlike some of their Oceania neighbours, football is comfortably the No1 sport across this Melanesian archipelago.

Since she wanted to come over, he sent her his adresse.

However, she quickly changed her mind and stated how she would feel more comfortable meeting in person outside of his home before having sex with him.


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