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Monica sat down at her desk and began sorting through her memos for the day. "We're a little enthused about tomorrow, if you don't mind," he said. Monica was able to gather from today's scribble something to the effect that she should look at tomorrow on her day calendar. "I trust you're dressed for today's occasion," Albert said. Everyone's here, and we'd all like to have a gorgeous secretary serve us on this special day." Monica paused. Monica scooped the grounds, poured some water in, and with the switch of a button, the familiar gurgling sound told Monica the coffee was underway. Monica took out eight coffee cups from her cabinet and lined them up on a plastic tray. She was still wearing her heels; she assumed she would at least be allowed to keep those on, and she still had on her glasses, earrings, and a hair clip.After answering a few calls, Albert walked in, giving Monica a cheerful "good morning," and grabbing a cup of coffee. It pleased her when Albert was in a good mood, and his greeting her made her feel appreciated. Monica flipped the page, seeing a large "7" with the word "Wednesday" above it, and "February" underneath, as always, with the day's holiday or other significant event or trivia written in small print at the bottom. The coffee would be done in just a few minutes, and she would be expected to serve it. But between her neck and her ankles, Monica was as naked as a Victorian lady in a Renaissance painting. "Thank you." Albert took his hand off Monica's thigh and she left the room. Albert put his arm around Monica's waist and pulled her towards him. Monica felt a light tingle between he legs as she walked out of the room.

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She heard loud laughing coming from the conference room so she was pleased to know he would at least be in a good mood today. Bakerson is on line two for you," Monica said, and then stopped. Monica squinted to read Albert's sloppy writing, which she had become increasingly accustomed to but still had occasional difficulties making sense of from time to time. "Albert Hosdale's office, this is Monica speaking." "Monica," Albert said. I was worried you wouldn't show up today." "I'm here," Monica said. Would you be so kind as to bring coffee down to the conference room? She threw her coat off again and tried to decide what to do. The coffee hadn't even been started yet; this might take longer than she promised. Monica would have to celebrate Nude Secretaries Day as the day was intended. It was mostly empty, so there would be enough room to stash her clothes there. It had taken her some nerve to remove every last piece of clothing from her body, but Monica did it.

Monica continued working on her assignments for the day, all the while rolling her eyes at the smirks she got from her coworkers when they passed her in the halls. At lunchtime, Monica ate in the cafeteria with Shari Kirshner, another secretary who worked in the building. "Leave it by the door," she said in a nervous panic. Monica took the package and signed the form on Roger's clipboard. ----- "And to conclude, I think this will be a successful year," Albert said. "Thank you, Monica," Albert said, as she placed a cup in front of him. Once Monica's tray was empty, she turned to leave the room. It was strange, being in the seat she was so familiar with as a secretary, but now completely nude. Monica stood stunned for a minute and realized Shari's compliment made her feel a bit dizzy.

Monica had only worked there for a few months, and Shari and she quickly became friends after she was hired. "I don't know who adds that to the calendars, but it's always there. Monica was thinking Shari must be in on this Nude Day gag, this being some sort of hazing for Monica since she was still relatively new to the office. As she did, Roger scanned Monica's fully clothed body. "Wait," Albert said, and grabbed Monica by her thigh. She began taking phone calls and typing memos as she always did, and for the next few hours, the day seemed almost normal. Monica went back to her office and continued with her work.

Monica tended to wear tight skirts, and bending over made her skirt material complement the round shape of her buttocks even more, which Albert found very tantalizing. Shari was at least a D cup and appeared to be all natural, so Monica felt a bit inadequate with her modest C's. Monica walked swiftly down the halls, with the clicking of her heels alerting her coworkers to her presence. Soon Monica started to make reasons for her to leave her office, and make special trips around the building, stopping by at the desks of the more attractive male employees.

Albert admired Monica's shapely posterior for several seconds, enjoying the soft curves and subtle panty lines. Albert listened to the click of her heels as she walked down the halls until she had left his range of hearing. Shari tried not to notice David's admiring stares as she set her coat aside, sat down at her desk and began her duties for the day, in the nude. They peeked out their offices as she passed, disappointed that she still hadn't taken off her coat yet. Monica took her coat off and placed it on the hook on the door. They would flirt with her and ask her to do or say sexy things.


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