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My favorite protection was always AFM’s ability to detect floods and then mitigate them temporarily and automatically. AFM would categorize it and then start dropping them like they were hot.

But one thing was missing: exactly how many packets constituted a flood?

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We had set some arbitrary numbers (10,000), but they were the same limits for all packet types for all customers.

Now AFM has been enhanced to allow admins to set auto-configure for DDo S Thresholds for AFM’s Global Do S vectors.

You can specify that the SSH channel commands restrict user actions, which means you can define a security policy around SSH at the BIG-IP.

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The threshold data will of course be transmitted through to any high-availability peers.

Since before germs, you’ve been able to set up virtual servers on BIG-IP to forward your SSH connection to a server. You can now define SSH proxies in AFM to start enforcing some security around your SSH servers.

I was in Las Vegas a couple of months ago and happened to be walking out of a casino just as five fancy tour buses pulled up. The informal parade was such a spectacle that I failed to see if the pageant’s owner, one Donald J. Trump has been known to be a judge on the pageant panel as well as its owner, and I'm sure he has a difficult time choosing the best from among so many winning candidates. Because F5 is again releasing a new version of BIG-IP, it falls to me, David Holmes, the Donald Trump of F5 Marketing, to choose among hundreds of beautiful security doodads and select from them The Top Ten Hardcore Security Features. I know one woman who brings her labradoodle for emotional support because she can’t vape sativa while in the air. Policy can be applied with granularity The port misuse policy is associated with either a context or an AFM Rule.

All five bus doors opened simultaneously, and out poured 200 Miss Universe contestants in shimmering gowns, high heels, sashes emblazoned with their country names, and winning smiles. This task gets harder every six months because BIG-IP’s features get ever more hardcore. Logging is available, and the AVR does report visually on the number of port-misuse events, broken down by context, drill-down by port number. AFM has been enhanced to support source-based RTBH to stop push-back denial of service attacks.


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