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While it grew fast and furiously into the social media limelight, Instagran managed to build an app that users fell in love with.

In a market filled with failed social apps that get all the hype and issue all the overpromises in the world, Instagram hit a nerve with users and actually connected people in the real world – something that’s proved to be social networking’s white whale.

Despite any outrage and fall out over its Terms of Service debacle, Instagram has remained insanely popular, and its user base is growing: The app has more than 90 million monthly active users and 16.4 million daily active users.

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But Instagram is different than Twitter or Facebook.

Naturally, marketers want to reach those millions and millions of eyeballs opening up the app.

Unfortunately for us, the preferred way for shady businesses to reach people just so happens to be spambots: automated accounts that exist only to promote whatever their masters point them to. We’ve all seen it in our feeds; phrases like #getmorefollowers, #getmorefollowershere, and #getmorelikes are some of the most popular hashtags in the app.

The site also offers you the choice of paying anywhere between and 0 for likes, accounts, comments, or followers. After snagging the “ for 200 comments” option, I entered my information, and hit purchase.

I got a receipt via Pay Pal that said I’d sent to “Social Media,” but nothing else.


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