My wife is dating another man

At the next house we were shown around by a cute little blond.She had to be at least five years younger than me and my companion of the moment.Now that the market had revived, the owner decided to sell the Condo, but his price was way more than we wanted to pay for a two bedroom on the wrong side of the river.Jess and I decided to look for a real house; one where we could start our family now that we were ready.Then Jess and I would go back and look over what seemed promising.I set out with my little home inspection kit—a pen light, small screwdriver, stud finder, and miscellaneous tools. If you don't know how these open houses work, there is usually a realtor or two present representing the owner.

The problem was that it was the week in June that we had planned to attend some real estate open houses.I sensed more in the smile she gave my new friend than the standard agent come on. The old furnace was hurting the sale price, but realtors rarely advise a furnace replacement to sellers.After the little tour, she and Rick split off so he supposedly could get some more financial information on the house. It was a three-bedroom starter house, but in a neighborhood with larger more recently built homes. I marked it as a definite for Jess to look at because the old furnace should get us a discount. I was only expecting to meet in person with the people I had been teleconferencing.I still believe that some day she will be a great writer, but I convinced her that freelance editing would be a good start for her career. After we were married and she started freelancing, a small publisher noticed her work.They gave her full-time employment as a fiction editor.I was at the University only to take an advanced Calculus course. I have my own trading algorithm that I developed over the last ten years. As I helped her up off the University Quad, she actually smiled at the clumsy jerk I am.


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