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When Spice Girl Mel B hooked-up with actor Eddie Murphy he was a mega-star raking in million per movie whereas she was a washed up pop star who was struggling for work. The pair had been introduced by their mutual friend Michael Jackson and Gest - an event planner with a fondness for hairplugs who had been plagued by rumours about his sexuality - fell madly in love with the legendary show tunes diva.The pair quickly fell in love and even got tattoos of each other’s name. Their wedding was equally bizarre with Martine Mc Cutcheon acting as bridesmaid, Elizabeth Taylor as maid of honour and Jackson as best man.He is a reclusive pop star with a Peter Pan complex who has few adult friends.

As celebrity couplings go, they don’t get more bizarre than Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson.

She is a little-known model turned TV presenter while he is one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world.

However their differing celebrity status hasn’t stopped the pair from enjoying an on-off relationship over the years.

Also during their time together in the Big Apple, Javi Marroquin was seen holding Briana De Jesus’ baby girl, Stella.

“Daddy Javi,” De Jesus wrote in the caption of her Snapchat photo.


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