Minimum dating age

My parents were intelligent, well-educated and hard-working, yet they lived paycheck to paycheck.

When I was 13, they divorced, then my mom struggled to raise three kids, often relying on free lunch tickets and food stamps.

As a young adult, I dropped out of college and spent the next couple of years drifting from one minimum wage job to another, paying more attention to the boys I was dating than to my financial future.

I ended up broke and alone after my fiancée and I broke up.

You can now access the internet wherever and whenever you want.

Your child may be using portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, gaming devices (eg Nintendo 3DS) and tablets (eg i Pad).

As my mother approach retirement age, she was riddled with anxiety over the fact that she hadn’t saved for her golden years.

My father had always been (and continues to be, even in his 70’s) a workaholic — my siblings, his grandkids and I have always wished he’d figured out a way to work less and spend more time with us instead.

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It has been estimated that an astounding 80% of divorces are the result of money disagreements.

It is also good to give your child strategies on how to cope with anything upsetting they see online, ie.

they could turn the tablet screen down immediately and come and find an adult who will remedy the situation by getting rid of the website/picture.

You could also type the name of the device plus the words 'parental controls' into a search engine eg. This can help you to find how-to guides and useful video tutorials.

Check out our UK Safer Internet Centre guides about setting up filters on your home internet, understanding parental control tools on devices and the safety settings on social networks and other online services.


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