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The only currency the aliens will take is ‘classic’ Earth culture, so one couple tries to make it by recording 1950s style dates to emulate true love for the aliens to subscribe to. E’ Lockhart’s ‘Genuine Fraud’ is an 18 year old woman who is quick to fight and quick to change herself to suit her needs.

She doesn’t just dress a part, she becomes a different person wherever she goes (across half the world) and the more this heroine adapts, the more she muddles who she ‘really’ is. For gamers, sci-fi fans, and cyberpunk enthusiasts, Marie Lu’s ‘Warcross’ shows a world where all of society has adapted to the use of computers, such that games are an integral part of economies, entertainment, and politics.

There’s also ‘She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World’ by Chelsea Clinton. We just finished up doing book talks with almost the whole middle school. It pains me to see someone miss out on a read that they might love, or that might have a profound effect on them, just because they haven’t given the genre a chance.

They like stories, that was clear, though I was amazed at how focused some of their interests were. The same phenomenon happens when adults are trying out the reading challenges.

There are teen books where there are no super heroes, only villains--books with layers and layers of deceit, where you never really learn what reality is ‘real.’ Adults looking for something different can find it in the teen room. From what I’ve seen of authors of young adult books, they expect many of their readers to be adults anyway. It’s one shelf, right on top of the shelves in the middle of the teen room.

Patterson is amazing, and I’m sure I’ll go back to him and his entourage later, but right now I’m tired of it. That’s when I took them to the teen room and showed them not-so-formulaic thrillers, space dramas, time travelers, alternative histories, and vampire romances that don’t take themselves too seriously. If you hold yourself back from trying young adult books, or any book, because you don’t think it’s ‘for you’ is a waste.

Something clever.” -paraphrased from a regular at the desk.

There is a stigma to overcome--young adult books aren’t for older adults. You’ll see books like ‘They Both Die at the End’ by Adam Silvera.

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Try a book from the teen room to shake up the monotony. It's not just pharmaceutical companies that use science, any results oriented organization looks to such studies to influence policy, and those that don’t are at a disadvantage. Premise 1: Quality information promotes quality decision making. Premise 3: Science provides higher quality information than not science.Going from snowy roads at night, to a farm with massive, empty buildings in the middle of nowhere, to another place (no spoilers) that would freak out even the most stable minds yields psychological horror in its essence.If you’re already a reader of horror, power to you ( Our display area hosts all kinds of art.Recently, we’ve seen art from Gilford High School students, a model train collection, egg shell art, local photography.It is building a reputation, thanks to Joanne’s work in finding talented artists to share their work and the magnanimity of the artists themselves.Premise 4: Scientific literacy is necessary to consistently understand information provided by science.


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