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God roleplay severely inhibits character development on the part of one’s own character, and those around them. You cannot always win and you must be willing to give as much balance as you take.A well balanced character can mean more development, more entertaining roleplay with others, and more credibility as a roleplayer.When you roleplay, you must be able to disconnect your own knowledge with your character’s.If you don’t feel confident with that, you must be willing to forego knowledge OOC to avoid accidentally metagaming.

Furthermore, dictating your character is three hundred years old, your character’s family is Shendar royalty, your character’s family has existed on Fendarfell since the Cataclysm, all fall under incompliance, and it takes an understanding of the lore to follow it.

If you have questions, feel free to submit a ticket IG or ask the Lore Q&A.

Massive Craft maintains a friendly family atmosphere.

Character development can be your best friend, so make sure you’re taking your character’s weaknesses and flaws into account.

Metagaming involves knowing or gaining information that a character otherwise wouldn’t know (such as gleaning IC info OOC), or using OOC information to benefit a character IC.


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