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"To Sir With Love" became the best-selling single of 1967 in the United States, selling well in excess of 1,000,000 copies; it was awarded a gold disc., and was ranked by Billboard magazine as the #1 song of the year.In the UK, "To Sir With Love" was released on the B-side of "Let's Pretend", a #11 hit.During this appearance, after playing about two minutes of "Hey Joe", Hendrix stopped and announced, "We'd like to stop playing this rubbish and dedicate a song to Cream, regardless of what kind of group they may be in, dedicate to Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce." Hendrix and his band then broke into "Sunshine of Your Love".The studio director signalled for Hendrix to stop, but he continued.It's The In-Crowd, with Alan David, completing the run as solo host under the rebranded Gadzooks!In 1966, she made regular appearances on BBC One's Stramash! After appearing again on BBC Two in 1967 in a successful TV series that featured music and comedy, Three of a Kind, Lulu was given her own BBC One TV series in 1968, which ran annually until 1975 under various titles including Lulu's Back in Town, Happening For Lulu, It's Lulu and Lulu.She made her acting debut in 1967 To Sir, with Love, a British vehicle for Sidney Poitier.Lulu both acted in the film and sang the title song, with which she had a major hit in the United States, reaching #1.

After the success of "Shout", Lulu's next three singles failed to make an impact on the charts.The actress, who found fame in the long-running hit TV series Ally Mc Beal, was excited as she animatedly shared secrets from her second time pulling double duty as director and star of the popular show.Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, OBE (born Marie Mc Donald Mc Laughlin Lawrie, 3 November 1948), better known by her stage name Lulu, is a Scottish singer-songwriter, actress, television personality and businesswoman who has been in the entertainment business since the 1960s and is known for her powerful singing voice.However, in her autobiography I Don't Want To Fight, published in 2002, she described him as "cheap" and had little positive to say about their working relationship, which she ended in 1969 after her biggest UK solo hit.Nonetheless, when Most died in 2003, Lulu was full of praise for him and told the BBC that they had been very close.The research showed that her mother had been brought up by another family.


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