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He has driven countless celebrities and dignitaries and has even had small parts in 3 movies. Romeo during the trip and to hear about Bahamian history and about all of his celebrity clients.One of the highlights of my trips was our visit to the Junkanoo Museum.It was truly a pleasure to meet people that were so nice and welcoming and that truly have a love for their country.Oh and did I tell you that we had a local celebrity to travel with us during the entire trip.Yes, our limo driver and owner of Romeo’s Executive Limousine, Romeo Farrington was the man around town.Everywhere we went, we heard: “Hi Romeo.” Romeo has been driving limos and taxis for over 50 years!Lamar and I just came from a trip to the Bahamas where we truly had an eye opening experience.Before this trip, our only experience in the Bahamas was a brief period onshore when our cruise ship docked there.

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A vacation in The Island of the Bahamas is perfect for a romantic getaway. Do you and your spouse becoming more loving when you are on vacation?But what we discovered this week is that we really did not have an opportunity to experience the breadth of the Bahamian experience on that short cruise excursion.During this trip, I had the opportunity to discover the true beauty of the Bahamas.And on Friday night, we had dinner at a Fish Fry restaurant in the Arawak Cay area.I ate the most delicious fried snapper that I have ever tasted!! Many people in our party didn’t order the fried fish because it came with the head on.The postcard also includes the Atlantis logo, "Save the Date" and your wedding date printed on the front.


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