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The suspect reportedly admitted to police that he had the victim perform sex acts on him while he live-streamed the video to video-sharing platform.

He also allegedly admitted he has been conducting sex acts with the victim since 2014.

To maintain that kind of environment, Facebook has "Community Standards" (read: official policies) outlining in part what kind of stuff is banned from the platform, including nudity, hate speech, and graphic violence.

Live broadcasts will be subject to those same rules.

Mc Kinley was convicted of communicating over the Internet with foreign nationals and soliciting the live molestation of children for online viewing.

Mc Kinley paid to view the live streamed videos, according to the release.

At least 600 videos and 6,500 images depicting the sexual abuse of children that ranged in age from a newborn to an 8-year-old child, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

What Facebook didn't mention is that if anyone can broadcast live, that means, well, anyone can broadcast live. Yeah, people on the internet can be gross.)Even with standards in place, the live broadcast of dick vids, sex, beheadings, shootings, and their ilk seems inevitable.

A Florida man was sentenced to spend the next three decades in federal prison after officials said he paid to watch adults molest children in online “sex shows.” According to a release from the State Attorney’s Office, Justin L, Mc Kinley, 49, of Jacksonville, was sentenced to 30 years in prison and ordered serve a life term of supervision upon his release and register as a sex offender by U. Those who engaged in the molestation were arrested.

An FBI investigation that began in 2015 revealed a website that, involving several individuals in a foreign country, exploited and enticed children to participate in sexual activity and would broadcast live streaming “sex shows” to online viewers who paid a fee to watch, according to the release.

In a way, the internet is the unbound and tangled web of our collective human psyche (at times, more id, than ego).

So, if someone wants to see or show pretty much anything, you can bet it's happening somewhere online.


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